EGU 2017

It’ s been a pretty busy six months and given it’s EGU next week, I thought I’d stick a quick post up.

After a great week at EGU in 2016, I decided to pop a couple of poster abstracts in for what I’m sure will be another top conference in Vienna. Drawing towards the end of my PhD, I have naturally run out of funds, but was lucky enough to receive the British Sedimentological Research Group (BSRG) Gill Harwood Memorial Fund this year which is covering the cost of the trip. Thanks very much BSRG!

As luck would have it, the two posters I will be presenting are both on Friday (28th) between 5.30-7 pm so some dashing about will be required…

Poster #1: “Where does all the gravel go? Abrasion-set limits on Himalayan gravel flux” — (Poster board X2.75). This poster presents some of the more recent work from my PhD (I also presented this as a talk at the 2016 AGU Fall meeting in case it looks familiar…). Coincidentally, the accompanying paper for this will be out in Nature on Thursday 28th. I’ll be happy to have a chat about the paper and any general concerns about where all the gravel is going.

Poster #2: “Predicting geomorphically-induced flood risk for the Nepalese Terai communities” (Poster board X2.216). This poster is based on some work I am currently involved in along the Karnali River in west Nepal as part of a separate project (see more at, and presents some of the initial results and findings from our fieldtrip at the end of last year ( The poster also identifies what we’ll be working towards over the next few months in terms of flood risk modelling, bifurcation dynamics and characterising historical channel switching.

Hope to see you there!





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